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  • What is a coach?
    A coach is someone who helps facilitate development. A coach helps you identify the internal and external challenges that are holding you back. A coach helps you bring clarity to the future you desire, ensuring you have a pathway from the present to bridge the gap. A coach is a curious observer, non-judgemental, honest, supportive and many other things! Above all, a coach is someone who believes in you and your potential.
  • What a coach is not!
    A coach is not a therapist, counsellor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. They are trained to delve into your childhood or situations around trauma. A coach would suggest a referral should it become apparent this type of expertise was necessary. A coach is not a teacher or consultant. They are not there to “fix” you or to tell you their solution.
  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is the time and space, supported by an expert facilitator, that allows a client to become more self-aware, that provides clarity on now and the future, setting in motion a journey to a more fulfilled life, whatever that means to you; happier; healthier; more successful; richer…
  • Who is coaching for?
    Everyone should have a coach! Coaching is suitable for junior and senior staff, with any level of experience; those who feel trapped in their current job; those who are transitioning to management or who are in a role that is not familiar; CEOs or businesses wanting to transform their company; those who are lacking zest in everyday life; those who simply want to re-balance the priorities in their life. Most successful people, whether that be in sport, music, business etc.. have a coach. Coaching is about YOU having autonomy over YOUR life.
  • Is now the right time?
    This is an investment in yourself that will change your life forever. There really is no better time than now, so what are you waiting for?
  • How do I choose a coach?
    Much like anything, you want to do some research into them. You could start by reading their testimonials to see what others say. Ideally, you would want someone to whom you warm and who interests you. To guarantee someones quality, you will want your coach to be qualified and a member of a coaching organisation. Remember, coaching is about putting you, the client, front and centre. Don’t be put off by a lack of experience in your area of expertise as, due to the nature of coaching, knowledge does not make a good coach or provide the best long term outcomes.
  • Who specifically can Matthew Lowe help?
    Anyone! Those lacking in confidence; suffering from imposter syndrome; struggling with perfectionism; unclear in their direction. Those wanting to prepare for an interview; transitioning to a new role; that have major life event imminent. Those who just want to reassess and make meaningful change. I believe that you know yourself better than I ever will and it is that potential that needs to be tapped into.
  • Why Matthew Lowe?
    I have always had a desire to help people, and through my own journey realise that knowing oneself and having autonomy is at the heart of being successful, whatever that word means for you. My coaching practice is based around you understanding your values, identity and purpose, and having a balance to life that you are happy with, ultimately, living the life you want. Personally, I am a family man with 2 young kids, I live each day trying to put to the fore my values - non judgemental, present and kind - and have been on this journey myself. I consider myself very privileged to be in a line of work where others put their trust in me. I love nature, the arts, a physical challenge and a lovely, lit fire!
  • What is expected from me as a client?
    To take this time for you. To be openminded and honest, showing up with the intention of exploring and making change. To do your best between sessions to fulfil the targets you set for yourself.
  • What is the consultation?
    The consultation is an essential pre-cursor to both Intensive and Extensive coaching programmes. A 30 minute session, it enables us to meet properly for the first time, start to create our environment, and outline the journey. There will also be plenty of time for any questions you may have.
  • What is the Intensive programme?
    The Intensive programme will help you reconnect with yourself, enabling you to change course and start life down your chosen direction of travel. It is a relatively short process, 2-3 months, with a series of 6 sessions happening approximately every 2 weeks. It is aimed towards delivering a specific result and lays the foundations for a successful and happy future. It really is suitable for everyone!
  • What is the Extensive programme?
    The Extensive programme provides time, not only enabling you to not only reconnect with yourself but to be supported and encouraged through your change. With 8 sessions, approximately 3 - 4 weeks apart for between 5 and 9 months, this is especially beneficial for those who are contemplating or going through a more substantial change.
  • Is "online" coaching as beneficial as coaching in person?
    Yes. The process is identical and once the relationship has been built with the client it is forgotten that we are not physically in the same room. In fact, there are many elements that make it better. There are no travel costs, time is utilised better, coaching can happen from anywhere in the world from whatever location you choose and if there was to be a third party involved this is easily organised.
  • How long should sessions be?
    I offer 60 minute and 90 minute sessions. 60 minutes is the default but we will discuss timings as we go, so don't worry. It's also good to remember, that just because a session is longer it does not mean it is better!
  • How are sessions booked?
    Times are available to book on the website but these are for 30 minute consultations only. All other dates and times are discussed at the end of each session to ensure the programme moves at the pace required.
  • Are sessions confidential?
    Absolutely. Confidentiality is of paramount importance, even should there be any 3rd party / sponsor involvement. It is my duty to say, as it is for every coach, that the only time this is not the case is if I perceive a risk to the client or those around them.


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